This is my take at the FreeBSD 11 network configuration on fail-over IPs. Append the following to /etc/rc.conf. In my example em0 is the network interface (use ifconfig to confirm), is the VMs IP-address and is the ESXi host.

ifconfig_em0="inet netmask broadcast" 
routes_em_iface="-net -iface em0" 

We configure DNS resolving using the OVH DNS server by creating /etc/nslookup.conf with the following contents:


If you lose connectivity after a while check your dmesg for ARP entries changes mac-address (especially your ESXi host/gateway). If this happens you can create /etc/rc.local with:

arp -s 00:07:b4:00:01:02

It might not be the most OS-native way, if you have improvements please let me know.